New Webhost and Other Updates

Posted by Jefferson Team on 28th May 2022

We have been migrating from our old webhost of the last 3.5 years to a new host. As we experience growth
here, it has been hard for our old website to keep up with our needs. Hopefully the transition to a new hosting provider will be smooth and painless but we all know nothing ever  goes as smoothly as hoped.

The product delays of the last 2 years have ebbed and flowed but now it looks like our near future is solid delays and waiting for everything from material for production to hardware for assembly down to shipping materials. It feels like everything we order is 2-3 weeks wait for things that used to take 3 days to arrive.

We have begun testing some new available magazine springs for our flush bottom metal with an internal box magazine.
Some design changes are being made to facilitate the new spring dimensions and we are also working on a simpler flush bottom metal design as well to try to keep costs down as inflation is rising.