COVID-19 Delays

Posted by Jefferson Team on 4th May 2020

As the shelter in place orders are being extended in some parts of the country, our usual vendors are having delays in shipping or restocking components we use in our product. We are currently tryin … read more

Contact Page Issues

Posted by Jefferson Team on 13th Apr 2020

If you have messaged us lately and received no response we are so sorry, we are still making and shipping parts. Our email forwarding was screwed up probably because we are better machinist’s than I … read more

New Calibers in Flush Bottom Metal

Posted by Jefferson Team on 10th Apr 2020

So the 6.5 Grendel and 7.62x39 versions of our flush bottom metal has been released, now we are turning our attention to the .223 Rem based cartridges. Hopefully it will be as simple as an internal b … read more

New Product Delay

Posted by Jefferson Team on 24th Mar 2020

As most people know by now there is a worldwide virus gripping many different countries, this has slowed down the release of our new flush bottom metal.We are still moving forward just at reduced spee … read more