CZ magazine conversion

Posted by Jefferson Team on 13th Sep 2021

So this year we released a new bottom metal conversion that would allow you to use CZ 527 magazines in 6.5 Grendel or 7.62x39 in your similar chambered Howa mini. The conversion is an excellent upgrad … read more

Suspended Production.

Posted by Jefferson Team on 27th Jan 2021

Production of the flush bottom metal has been temporarily suspended until supply chain issues can be resolved. We are unable to acquire any more magazine springs at this time and all remaining invento … read more

Shipping to Australia

Posted by Jefferson Team on 23rd Nov 2020

Update Nov 23, 2020In order to ship to Australia and clear Australian customs we need a copy of the purchaser’s B709A Import form. If you have an import form and would like to order use our contact pa … read more

Australian Customers

Posted by Jefferson Team on 5th Oct 2020

It looks like we have resolved the issues we had with Australian customs clearance, as soon as the website is updated with the changes we will resume taking orders from our Australian customers. … read more

Suspended Shipping

Posted by Jefferson Team on 28th Jul 2020

UPDATE : August 4, 2020Several orders shipped to Australia have been seized by customs, until this can be resolved as to why they are being seized we are going to halt sales to Australia.Orders and sh … read more