Hinged floorplate production delays

7th Mar 2024

In January of 2024 we exhausted our suppliers inventory of magazine springs that we use in the hinged and blind floorplates. In order to prevent another shutdown of production like we experienced in 2 … read more
Blind Magazine Floorplate

Blind Magazine Floorplate

Posted by Jefferson Team on 23rd Jul 2022

We have been putting the finishing touches on our new blind magazine, aluminum, flush floorplate design. It holds 3 rounds of 6.5 Grendel or 7.62x39. We had been waiting for a small batch of magazine … read more
New Project

New Project

Posted by Jefferson Team on 8th Jun 2022

We decided to start a new project, a basic bottom metal for the Howa Mini. We have been faced with rising material and hardware costs so we decided to make a new bottom metal that would be more c … read more

Material Delays

Posted by Jefferson Team on 3rd Jun 2022

We have had our material delayed for a while now but we just received notice that it will be shipped in July. We are looking for another source of material in the time being so that we can do another … read more

New Webhost and Other Updates

Posted by Jefferson Team on 28th May 2022

We have been migrating from our old webhost of the last 3.5 years to a new host. As we experience growth here, it has been hard for our old website to keep up with our needs. Hopefully the transition … read more